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With its uplifting message, dynamic instrumentation, and timeless appeal, this single is sure to become a favourite among rock enthusiasts. Todd Michael Chapman proves once again that his talent knows no bounds, confirming his place as a formidable force in the world of rock music.” - Kat Lattimore

Plastic Magazine Review of "Hold On Tight"

The One from Western New York-based indie rock/blues artist Todd Michael Chapman is a vintage-like single from an underground storyteller who has dropped a song that so many will relate to. Packed with a pure vocal skill that is undeniably authentic, you will feel your heart jumpstart like a cold car on this gem.” - A&R Factory

Review of "The One"

It's a pure Rock style ballad with inspired vocals and, great production (I love the sound of the drums/guitars!) and also with a strong chorus, absolutely catchy and memorable. Check out also the guitar solo, magnifically performed, closing the song. ” - Giovanni Gagliano

Given To Rock review of "Jodi's Pain"