"Devil Woman" Release Q&A

Here's some interesting notes ahead of my release of "Devil Woman".  Don't forget to pre-save it to your Spotify account and look for it on iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, etc.

Who was involved in the recording and production?

I did all of the vocals, instrumentation, and production at home in my "pocket-sized" (yeah, it's tiny!) studio.  The whisper vocals were recorded by my son Cody.  I was honored to have Adam Kagan do the mixing and mastering for me.

Why make your first release a cover and why "Devil Woman"?

It had been a few years since I lit up my home studio.  As I was putting material together for this project, my first focus was on getting re-acquainted with my studio gear and software.  Doing a cover was a great way to do that.  I chose "Devil Woman" for a couple of reasons, primarily because it's a great song that I've always liked.  It was the first song that popped in my mind when I considered releasing an EP's worth of music.  It just so happened that I was driving with my son one day, talking about starting the project, when "Devil Woman" came on the radio.  I hadn't heard it on the radio in a long time so it just seemed like fate.

Who wrote and performed the original version?

The original 70's hit recording was written by Terry Britten and Christine Holmes.  It was recorded by Cliff Richard and released in 1976.

 What else was interesting about the recording?

I really wanted to bring a raw blues/rock sound to it.  One of my favorite artists and influences is Tab Benoit and that was the feel I was going for.  In order to bring a unique and fresh approach to my version, I wrote out the base chords and lyrics, then completely stopped listening to the song.  

I hope you enjoy it.

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