A Bit About "Jodi's Pain" (Release Q&A)

Here's some information about "Jodi's Pain".

How did the song come about?

"Jodi's Pain" is one of those songs that practically wrote itself.  I wrote it quite a while ago, but still remember it clearly.  I had the acoustic guitar progression from the beginning and started humming to it.  A few minutes in, humming turned to mumbling, then mumbling turned to phrases.  The first of those phrases was "Jodi runs through the rain and thunder".  I'm not quite sure why the name "Jodi" came out, but I wrote the rest of the song around that phrase.

It was important for me to tell the story and make sure the mood of the music mirrored the lyrics from the first measure to the last.

There was an earlier version of this song, wasn't there?

Yes!  I mentioned that it was written quite a while ago and I also recorded an unreleased version with my brother Brian and two friends in Phoenix, Arizona (James Sego and Nick Marvich).  When I started writing and recording for this project, I had several people who were familiar with the earlier version ask me if I was going to record and officially release it, so here it is!

Who contributed to "Jodi's Pain"?

I had a guest performer for the first time on this project.  Mike Schill, who played with me years ago in the Buffalo, NY band "SkyHigh" played bass on this version.  Mike has also recorded the bass track on my next song (written in the same timeframe as "Jodi's Pain", which should be out in early November. 

Adam Kagan from Chalice Studios did the final mixing and mastering.  Adam has worked with me on just about every song I've released and is terrific to work with.


Feel free to use the contact form on my website to send me questions, I'll try and get to them as soon as possible.  In the meantime, enjoy "Jodi's Pain" and check out the rest of my songs and follow me on Spotify.